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    Use heart, Use trust, Use action

    Ruijia Company can provide timely pre-sales and after-sales services to customers in all aspects. And in the Guangzhou headquarters also has a customer service department, all customers call, such as consulting, dismantling, purchase and sales, etc., and actively and quickly solve the problem.

    ◣ After the machine is commissioned normally, the service engineer will train the operator at the customer's place, and the time will be sufficient to ensure that the operator can independently complete the operation and debugging and daily equipment maintenance;

    ◣ The company has professional after-sales service personnel, call customers regularly to understand the use of the machine, if problems are found, timely feedback to the relevant personnel for handling;

    ◣ The standard warranty period of the equipment is one year, and the lifetime warranty repair service is provided after the warranty period;

    ◣ Our company will provide regular adjustments to customer equipment and free telephone technical support.

    Service telephone: 020-82243520/82248547/61013391