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  • Herbal packaging
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    Chinese Herbal Pieces is one of the three pillars of Chinese medicine industry. It is a traditional weapon necessary for clinical syndrome differentiation and treatment. It is also an important raw material for proprietary Chinese medicines. Its unique processing theory and methods all reflect the profound wisdom of ancient Chinese medicine. With the continuous improvement and maturity of its concoction theory, it has become an important means of clinical prevention and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine. Due to the wide variety of traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces, there are many varieties of Chinese herbal medicines on the other hand. On the other hand, due to the light, fluffy and difficult separation characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine grass materials, the automatic packaging of Chinese herbal medicine Chinese herbal medicine pieces has always been an unresolved problem. At present, most traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces in China still focus on the packaging of irregular medicinal materials, which requires more manpower and restricts work efficiency. Ruijia is committed to the research and development of packaging equipment for irregular materials, focusing on research and development, and strives to open up a new path for the packaging of irregular materials to solve the packaging problems of irregular materials.

    The Chinese herbal medicine flower packaging machine is suitable for packaging irregular materials that are easy to separate and slip, and packaging of grass, flower tea and other materials. The whole machine includes functions such as automatic feeding, weighing, overweight removal device, grass pressing device, flapping device and packaging mechanism. It is widely used in the whole intelligent packaging of roots and stems of Chinese medicine decoction pieces, grasses and flower teas, and truly realizes a fully intelligent packaging solution.