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  • Chinese medicine granule packaging


    The granule packing machine is widely used, and is mainly used for automatic quantitative packaging of granular products such as Chinese granules, edible salt and monosodium glutamate. It can be packaged for various bagged products and is a very powerful packaging device. There are mainly horizontal sealing mechanism, vertical sealing mechanism, feeding mechanism, shearing mechanism, transmission mechanism and electrical control system. Mainly through automatic technology to automatically complete the bag making, weighing, filling, coding and other actions, in addition to it can also automatically correct the deviation, defective products, out of tolerance alarm, handbag punching. When the machine is coding, you can make different choices according to your needs.


    VPA-906AD granule automatic packaging machine is an intelligent automatic packaging machine independently developed and produced by me. It has automatic start vacuum feeding, automatic quantification (servo motor adjusts measuring cup capacity), automatic bag making, filling, automatic vacuum collecting and sealing. , printing, cutting and delivery of finished products. Siemens PLC program control, touch screen man-machine interface, six sets of servo system drive, photoelectric automatic detection and tracking, analog input module control temperature control system, frequency conversion and vacuum collection, etc., make the operation of the whole machine intelligent and simple. The pharmaceutical packaging industry improves production efficiency and packaging grade, and greatly reduces labor intensity. It is the preferred packaging equipment for pharmaceutical companies.

    1. Quantitative servo (not only convenient, but also lays the foundation for future automatic network setting parameters (loading)

    2. Optimized for dust treatment through the practice of bottling line, and has optional dust suction device

    3. Alternative traceability system

    4. There are optional system for upgrading the industrial computer. When it is necessary to use data (Industrial 4.0 transformation), it is very convenient.

    5. Can be matched with the middle bag packaging system.